The Problems of Ensuring the Efficiency and Competitiveness of the Ukrainian Transport Industry to Meet the Modern Challenges and Threats




intelligent control systems, transport sector, transport systems globalization, energy-efficient transport, multimodal transportation


In Ukraine, the challenges and threats to the efficient functioning of the transportation industry are intensifying during the war and infrastructure destruction. The need for emergency repairs of the ruined infrastructure hinders the reform of the Ukrainian transportation industry. Furthermore, developing an integrated EU-oriented multimodal transportation system within the "Eastern Partnership" regional network becomes more complicated. This article aims to identify the problems of efficiency and competitiveness of the Ukrainian transportation industry in the context of integration into the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and the construction of a multimodal transportation system. The research employs a systemic analysis methodology to assess the structural indicators of Ukraine's transportation system development. The structure of Ukrainian freight transportation by mode is compared with that in EU countries to reflect differences in a modal split in the context of Ukraine's accession to TEN-T. The results demonstrate a range of problems related to the competitiveness of the Ukrainian transportation industry, which act as barriers to its integration with TEN-T. Institutional, political, and managerial-administrative problems are identified as the leading issues associated with inefficient data collection and processing, management and control functions, decision-making, communication, and interaction among governing bodies. A separate group of issues in Ukraine's transportation industry is linked to the material-technical condition of various types of transportation infrastructure, which affects service quality. Consequently, other problems arise, including the low level of development of intermodal and multimodal transport, transportation logistics, decreased efficiency in capacity utilization, insufficient level of competition in the market for transportation services, and non-compliance with European requirements for access to the transportation services market.


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