Cultural Practices of Managing Social-Cultural Activity: Foreign Experience and Domestic Realities




social-cultural work, cultural values, subjects of cultural activity, social pedagogy, management of the social-cultural sphere


The issue of cultural development in general, as well as the features of management in the social-cultural sphere, have become especially relevant in recent years in connection with introducing quarantine measures related to spreading COVID-19 in the world, Russia’s military actions in Ukraine and economic and political changes in the world. State authorities in many countries attach particular importance to the issue of forming an effective management environment for social-cultural activities. They put forward new high requirements for training specialists in this field, which would meet the challenges of time and the development trends of the world community. In particular, the sphere of musical culture in many countries of the world is recognized as a state priority, since it is the basis of society’s cultural, spiritual, social, political and economic development. The social-cultural sphere, as a system of state and public institutions, is responsible for the state of developing and functioning of the state and society. The purpose of the academic paper is to clarify the features of foreign and domestic practice of managing social-cultural activities, highlighting the principal factors, problems and prospects for developing this field. In the course of the research, bibliographic and analytical methods were used to study scientific literature on managing social-cultural activities. Along with this, induction, deduction, analysis, synthesis of information, system-structural, comparative, logical-linguistic methods, abstraction, and idealization were applied to study and process data. Moreover, the research authors conducted a questionnaire in online mode, in the course of which the viewpoint of scientists conducting research in the field of managing social-cultural processes and heads of cultural and educational institutions working in Ukraine and abroad was studied regarding the key practical aspects of this issue. Based on the research results, the main and most important theoretical aspects of implementing cultural practices of social-cultural work, primarily in the area of musical art, have been established.


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