Public Management of the Detinization of Economic Relations in the Conditions of Globalization




detinization, economic relations, digitalization, globalization, deregulation processes, automation of regulation processes


Tinization of the economy is one of the key problems of economic development. In the conditions of intensive methods of economic development, the problems of shadowing are a priority. To ensure effective state management of economic systems, it is expedient to determine factors influencing the processes of detinization of the economy, which will allow ensuring qualitative transformations of the system. The article analyzes the set of influencing factors based on the analysis of literary sources and statistical data of international organizations. The analysis made it possible to determine research priorities, including entrepreneurial and investment activity, development of an effective regulatory and legal system, implementation of innovations aimed at the qualitative transformation of economic systems, and increasing their profitability and liquidity. The article mathematically substantiates and confirms the hypothesis regarding the influence of a set of factors on the processes of detinization of the economy. Since economic systems are developing in the conditions of the digital space, numerous of recommendations have been developed aimed at building transparent and effective regulatory systems of state management of the economy, aimed at forming prerequisites for the detinization of the economy. The impact of the process of detinization on ensuring economic development is proven. Therefore, the practical implementation of the research results is aimed at forming stable prerequisites for ensuring the development of economic systems at the global and national levels.


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