New Media as Modern Communication Technologies: The Digital Dimension




New media, social communications, advertising, media communications, digital technologies, journalism


The latest media nowadays is a set of interaction tools for expanding the subjects’ communicative, sensory and cognitive capabilities involving information and communication technologies that correspond to the historical period of their development. Currently, these are technical means (PC equipment with a software complex, with various means of supporting network communications), information resources and communication platforms based on digital technologies. Modern media meet the needs of long-distance, international interactive communication and integrate a number of means for the individual’s creative implementation, his social activity and participation in society’s information processes. The purpose of the academic paper is a theoretical and practical description of the concept, individual types and features of using new media as technologies that provide communicative processes in the digital mode. Methodology. In the process of preparing the present research, several methods were applied. In particular, analytical and bibliographic methods, induction, deduction, analysis, and synthesis of information were used to study scientific literature on applying new media when working with communication processes in the digital dimension. System-structural, comparative, logical-linguistic methods, abstraction, and idealization were used to study and process data. The questionnaire survey was conducted by the research’s authors in online mode for the practical clarification of media tools’ certain aspects in the field of communications. Results. Based on the research results, the features of using new media types as modern communication technologies in the digital space were studied.


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