Predicting Graduate University Admission in Azerbaijan Using Multiple Regression




Graduate degree, master’s in Azerbaijan, SEC exam, multiple regression


Each year, Azerbaijani universities strive to attract the best candidates for graduate degrees within the academic hierarchy. Since 2005, one-third of undergraduates have been applying for master’s programs. The admission decisions primarily depend on the State Examination Center exam scores. This quantitative research mainly discusses the predictors of graduate university admission based on numerous factors using multiple linear regression. This study statistically measured four independent variables to predict university graduate admission scores in 2021 (GAS21). Significant differences were found between the average graduate admission scores of 2021 and those of 2020 (GAS20) and the percentage of students who scored >86%. There was no evidence of a connection between graduate and undergraduate admission scores and undergraduate enrollment. There is a need for more theoretical and descriptive studies to verify whether universities/institutions lose their prestige after the undergraduate degree.


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