Is The Job Performance of Tourism Academicians Related to their Emotional Intelligence?




Emotional Intelligence, Job Performance, Tourism Academicians, Turkey


The aim of the research is to determine whether the job performances of tourism academics in Türkiye are related to emotional intelligence. Further, this research is an endeavor to investigate whether emotional intelligence and job performance differ according to demographic variables. “Job Performance Scale” adapted by Yang and Hwang (2014) was used to measure the job performance of academicians. In addition to that “Rotterdam Emotional Intelligence Scale” developed by Pekaar, Bakker, Linden, and Born (2017) and adapted to Turkish by Tanrıöğen and Türker (2019) was used to measure their emotional intelligence. The research sample consists of academicians working in Tourism Faculties, Vocational Schools and Tourism Colleges in Türkiye. As a result of the analyzes made in line with reaching the goal, it is determined that the job performances of tourism academicians have a positive and moderately significant relationship with their emotional intelligence. Both job performance and emotional intelligence did not differ by gender. A difference was found between job performance with both academic title and working time factors. It is also found that emotional intelligence differs partially according to the marital status of the academicians. Other results are presented in the findings section.


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