Femalization of the Genre of Literature; Novel Owners of the Novel


  • Seyyedeh Zahra Nozen Amin Police Science University, Iran




Femalization, Fair voices, Social conventions, Rehabilitation, Revival


Unfairly female authors have been deprived of the title of “mothers” of English Novel and “fathers” have been taken as the sole male owners of the Novel. While not only the first professional novelist was a woman but the numbers of female novelists exceed that of the males. Female authors indefatigably undertook the process of femalization the genre of literature and the current study conducted through the qualitative research and text-analysis methods together with historical approach tried to put light to the fact that how female novelists contributed to the great genre of literature and strengthen it due to their fairness and their gender as well as their treatment of their subject. Aphra Behn penned Oroonoko of 1688 much earlier than Danial Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe of 1719. The purpose of this paper has, by no means, been to convert female writers from the lower novelists to higher ones. However, under the strict social conventions of the seventeenth and eighteenth century England, there had been buried some masterpieces of literary works which need to be delivered again to the world of literature, the negligence of which is a loss and the revival of which is a gain to both consumers and producers of literary works.


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